Friday, November 4, 2011

School Play, Snow Fall, Halloween, and Life 2011

It doesn't seem like the craziness of life ever ends does it? Owen participated in the Kindergarten class tradition of a "Wild Rumpus" show. It's loosely based on the Where the Wild Things Are.

The kids make masks and are wild things! It was a cold day that day.

Owen drove us crazy with wanting to carve his pumpkin. we finally took him seriously when we awoke to find him with a kitchen knife in hand trying to carve his own pumpkin! Oops! At least he put paper down and somehow managed not to lose a finger before we caught him.

We also had the pleasure of a freak snowstorm in October. Thank goodness I'm organized and new where all the winter gear was stored.
Owen was excited and couldn't stop eating the snow. Yes, before you even go there we gave him the yellow snow speech.

Our cars!

 So, our only true causality was my canopy out back, someone that I will leave nameless didn't remove it after being asked several times. Not only did the canopy tear, but the metal structure broke as well.

 We were thankful that we only lost power for about 2 or 3 hours. Some in our area still don't have power at all.

 The Kindergarten class was the only group allowed to dress up at school,. No masks, swords or anything they can't take on and off by themselves. Owen wore his pirate outfit in, but they made him take off his hat.

This was Owen's real costume. He loved it and had a great time trick or treating with his dad. Noah decided that he was not a fan of Halloween and mom stayed home with him. He's been having a rough week, but we are giving him lots of love and finding options to help him be less stressed. More on that later.

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