Thursday, December 8, 2011

Getting Ready for Xmas 2011

I've been dying to do this for so long, but we finally got make our Advent Wreaths at church this year. The boys loved doing it and we've been lighting our candles every week.

Over the Summer Noah and I found these little trees at a yard sale for $1 for both! Now they each have one in their rooms that they have decorated themselves. Owen's actually had some vintage decorations on it already and he loves his angel topper!

My poor little guy Noah was out of school a few days sick, Turns out he had strep throat and spent some much needed time on the couch. I think he's the only 7 year old that loves to watch Ugly Betty. At least I got spared of SpongeBob episodes all day.

Since he was sick I stayed at home while Frank and Owen went to get our tree. This is the first year we have not done it as a family.


Up and ready for me to light and decorate, guess what I've been doing all week? Decking the halls, going the doctor and the vet. Our Ritzy cat is sick and we will most likely have to put him down. Noah is taking it hard. We haven't told Owen yet. I'm hoping this last round of antibiotics gets us through Christmas.

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