Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

We hosted Thanksgiving at our home this year. It went so fast I feel like I missed it! Frank worked the day before and the day after so it was a lot of prep for me. Then Frank wasn't feeling too well, but he made it through!

Owen of course grabbed a seat right next to his girlfriend. ( or I should say my brother's girl) I hope he had good manners and didn't embarrass us too much!


I think everyone had a good time. Grandpa had his ladies by his side during the after party.

Here are the Milani women.

And here are the Milani and Barrett crew of males!

And boy do they grow up fast! I thought I was going to lose him for a minute! All in all it was a hit, I'm glad it's over and boy, did we eat leftovers.

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