Sunday, January 8, 2012

Post Holidays with The Barrett's

Christmas Eve on a Saturday, the kids couldn't wait till the evening to open up their stockings!

 You've never seen two kids so excited about getting a pack of gum! Our typical plans had to change, but the kids never even noticed. We had the Barrett clan over for the Eve and enjoyed more gifts, food and drink.

Christmas morning was busily spent putting together many a lego set! The kids were thrilled at all the legos they received this year. We spent the day with the Milani clan at my brothers home. More food, drink and legos were found there!

 The next day we had a visit from our good friend Jesse. He'd been home visiting from Portland. The holidays are nice for seeing faces that you haven't seen in a long time.

Noah's birthday is always a huge part of our holidays.He always seems to get at least two cakes! I have to figure this trick out for my birthday. He shared an ice cream cake with his cousins a few days early. Thank you Polifemo's for the awesome ice cream cake and gifties!

 Noah's birthday morning, he opened gifts from Owen, mom, dad, Nonna, and Uncle Wally! Owen was such a supportive little brother loving up on his brother.

 More Legos!

Noah invited a few classmates over for pizza, popcorn and a movie and cake! He picked out his own cake and party accessories. The kids drank out of coconut cups!

 Noah said it was the best birthday ever! Now, that's saying a lot. He loved reading messages mommy's friends sent him on Facebook and taking many calls that day! At 8 he's such a big boy and loved the attention.

It was a great group of kids that came over.

Then we rang in the New Years together! Noah made it till midnight, barely. He kept asking how much longer! Owen lasted till 11-11:30. He curled up in my arms and fell asleep! All in all, I'm glad it's over.Thanks everyone for all the gifts and birthday wishes. Here's to a good new year!

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