Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Science Fair Fun

The Barrett boys had a good time participating in their school Science fair. They chose to experiment with how plants drink water.

They added food coloring to water glasses then clipped their flowers and placed them into the water.

We would put them in a warm area of our home to see how the color gets pulled up the stem.

Mom and dad couldn't find white flowers so the boys gad to use yellow ones and it was harder to see the color travel, but it did work.

 So, the plan was that Owen would do all the talking during the fair because Noah didn't want to bother with it.

It's funny how things change quickly.

Owen got a balloon from the static electricity exhibit and Noah had to take the talk over. It turned out that he loved it! He would call people his customers and explain to them the pluses and minuses of the task.

I'm sure they'll be doing it again next year! We took our little scientists out for some ice cream after the fair. It was well deserved!

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