Saturday, April 21, 2012

Spring Break Fun Part 1

Our plans for Spring Break got a bit screwed up so we spent time locally. Nothing can get my boys moving more than the promise of seeing a famous person's gravesite. So, we decided to check out the Roosevelt House and Library for the day. Noah is a big fan of Eleanor Roosevelt.

I had to take this picture of the boys under this trellis because I have a photo of myself pregnant with Noah in this same spot. Crazy when you think about it!

The boys were so engaged with the site and loved using the maps to find their way to the next destination.

Here we are in the horse stables as Noah  enjoys taking pictures of pictures that are hanging on the walls.

We didn't do the house because the boys thought it would be boring. we tried doing the Vanderbilt Mansion tour and they were just bored to tears so we just stayed on our own.

As the boys were sitting enjoying the view from the estate Noah pondered, " I wonder if Franklin and Eleanor sat on this bench and enjoyed the view?"

It was such a beautiful day to be outside and goof around. We got lucky!

The entire site is under construction and they've had to move some items around. We got to go into the museum and view a movie about Eleanor Roosevelt. Noah was thrilled.

On the way out I said, "Well, you guys got to see alot of things, hike and learn a little bit of history." Noah replied, " No, mom. We got to learn alot!"

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