Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Spring Break Fun Part 2

While we were on the break the boys also took part in a nature workshop called "Freaky Frogs". It wasn't exactly what Noah thought so he was a little bored. Owen enjoyed the program

The kids were brought out to a vernal pool to look for tadpoles and other creatures. They found a few, but I think they just enjoyed using the nets more.

When Noah got to use a net he still wasn't impressed, but at least he was participating!

Frank also took a day off and we got to enjoy a day at the Bronx Zoo. That's were these guys became friends with this peacock!

Of course the boys loved the Koi pond in the butterfly house, Owen loved them because they are orange and that's his favorite color!

The ape house was a little much for Noah, so we made our way through it quickly and waited outside for daddy and Owen.

We promised the boys a camel ride and they got it!  This I believe is their second time on a camel.

 Noah wanted his picture taken with Ganesha. He would love the deity that's the destroyer of obstacles wouldn't he!

Owen might be dying to get out of that gopher hole, but they both had a fantastic day! We ended the day at a Mexican restaurant and all was good!

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