Sunday, May 27, 2012

Noah's First Communion

The day of Noah's First Communion started out very stressful. He has been having a hard time with church and he was so nervous. Nonna and I stayed with him till we couldn't anymore and I kept my fingers crossed that he'd be okay.

He did it! He was amazing and during the service actually told me, " That wasn't that bad."

We were so happy! I was so nervous for him that I couldn't even eat that morning.

Everyone came out to be with us on Noah's special day. He was happy to see everybody.

 Of course Owen tried stealing the show in his Owensboro mining hat.

 Noah loving his Great Grandma at the Gunk Haus.

Goofing it up with the cousins!

Our family!

Loving the Uncle Wally and Grandma Sharon.

Frank and his Dad, aka, Grandpa Barrett.

It was the same day as Cinco de Mayo, so had a little celebration back at the house with props provided by Uncle Wally! Thank you everyone for coming out and celebrating Noah's day with us. we are very proud of him.

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Uncle Wally said...

This was great! One of the best BFH posts!