Sunday, June 3, 2012

End of May Antics

I can't believe May is over and we are into June already. Owen just started TBall for his first time and loves it. I guess he's my sporty kid.

Owen and his class also performed their Alphabet play for everyone. Owen was the letter O. First he wanted to be the color orange, then Super O, then Super Owen. I just can't keep up.

CCD has ended for the year as well and the Kindergarten class had a little presentation as well. The kids sand and said their prayers. It was cute!

We also celebrated Mother's day this month. As always my boys took awesome care of me! We had a nice quiet Brunch at Bacchaus in New Paltz.

Then we played a game of pool and went to see The Avengers. Mommy loves Iron Man!

The next weekend I had two shows in NYC to review. We took the kids to a street fair and indulged in one of our families favorite- Thai food!

We had taken the train in this time and the kids loved being Grand Central Station! We have been to the city so many times I never realized that they have never been there!

Noah also had a field trip this month to Stony Brook Farms. ( I think that was the name)  was lucky enough to get picked as a chaperone. Here he is making some cornmeal.

It was a rainy day, but the kids seemed to have enjoyed visiting the animals and learning about the farm. Also on a side note, Noah had his palate extender put in and after a few rough days has finally adjusted to it. Anything to save that smile!

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