Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Virginia Beach Part 2

We were up and going the next day back to the beach. I had big plans for going on a dolphin watch or family parasailing, but the kids just wanted the beach. Frank and I figured we might as well take advantage of the kids not wanting much now. So, off to the beach.

We had some fun goofing around early in the morning with this big Neptune statue and the kids hit the playground.

We were so lucky to get another perfect day.

 Owen just loves hamming it up!

For lunch we stopped by our hotels beachfront restaurant for some Margaritas and Shirley Temples!

I love my big sunhat!

 We also actually had success flying kites on the beach. Frank had some issues with this shark kite. It kept diving really close to people! The other ones worked fine and the kids loved it.

 Later that day it stormed, but it was welcome. The boys didn't want to get off the beach and Frank I were a little toasty. It was a great excuse to go inside. Then plan our dinner. We had a great meal at a Greek place further down the beach and then picked up some hermit crabs for the boys.

Once again Owen and his friends just passed out from all the fun. Noah read, while mommy and daddy shared a bottle of wine out on the balcony.

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