Saturday, June 16, 2012

Virginia Beach Vacation Part 1

The Barrett's decided to head to Virginia Beach after Memorial Day weekend. We later discovered that was a good choice. The beach was empty and we got an excellent rate on a beachfront hotel. As soon as we arrived the guys put on their swim gear and were ready to jump in!

After spending 8 hours in the car these two boys were ready for some fun. Owen has never seen the ocean before and I believe Noah's last time was at 9 months old. We are not beach people, but I think that might have to change.

We couldn't get these guys off the beach. Noah loved the feel of the waves hitting him. He was so happy.

Thank goodness I packed lots of snacks. They needed it after all that running and jumping. All the beach toys turned out be a waste because they didn't need anything to keep them busy.

Owen my little explorer loved finding shells and crabs in the sand. He spent a lot time patrolling the shores for something new and exciting waiting to be discovered. After that long trip and day at the beach Owen fell asleep on the bus after dinner. Frank had to carry him back to the hotel.

I woke up early and watched the sunrise from our balcony. I wonder what the next day has in store for us. You'll just have to wait for part 2 of out adventures!

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