Friday, July 13, 2012

NYC: Day Trip Part 1

I know you are probably sick of my posts that are part 1, 2, etc, but I love showing off pictures of my kids! Especially when we have some great ones or funny ones. About two weeks ago we went to NYC because Noah has been dying to do Central Park. We stopped at Uncle Wally's office and had a chance to check out Ringo Starr's jukebox. Of course the kids not only did not know who Ringo was, but they also didn't know what a jukebox was either!

Uncle Wally took us back to Times Square for an ice cream. It was such a hot day.

The boys actually got to be on a billboard right in Times Square! Can you find them up there?


Once we arrived further uptown Noah wanted his picture taken in front of The Plaza because that's where Eloise stays!

And of course no trip complete without stopping at FAO Schwartz! I feel like I have hundreds of pictures of them with this Lego Statue of Liberty! At least Batman was new!

We sat under this cool rotating airplane outside of Central Park and ate some hot dogs and hydrated to get ready for our long walk through the park. Daddy would be meeting us later after work.

Here he is, my explorer ready to go. Our first stop - get Noah a map! He's always the navigator. Stay tuned for pictures of our park exploration!

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