Thursday, August 9, 2012

Back to Central Park

I know seriously! Noah still had things he needed to see. So, after our trip to the Museum of Natural History we headed back to the park for an ice cream!

Noah of course needed to checkout the map so he could direct us in the right direction!

Finally, we made it to Belvedere Castle! 

While we at the castle we witnessed a proposal, and I took a photo for the happy couple!

Noah was thrilled once more when we finally got to see Cleopatra's Needle. You'd have thought he would have had enough for the day, but he insisted we go to The Met. I told him we come see it from the outside, but that's a whole days trip in itself. It's huge!

Those two little specks under the blue banner are the boys. When Noah came down off the step he said, "Okay I believe you now. It really is big! We'll have to spend a day there."

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