Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Summer Fun Round Two

Well, this Summer has been full of fun and surprises. I got to meet Rosie Pope from Bravo's Pregnant in High Heels. She was just lovely. The boys and Frank went on their own adventure while I mingled with what seemed to be a million pregnant women!

When I met up with Frank and Frank and the boys we caught site of this blimp to which Owen exclaimed, " Mommy that submarine is going to hit the building!" Hahaha

Owen got his first library card this Summer. At first he wasn't so thrilled as he didn't see it as a big deal. Then when he actually checked out his own books the importance of what he had just done sunk in.  He felt like a big boy.

Back to NYC and the Museum Of Natural History! Thanks to the Polifemo's we had free tickets to enjoy the museum, shows and exhibits.

Owen still got a bit scared during the planetarium show, but was able to make it through.

Uncle Wally stopped by and joined us for the rest of our day. Unfortunately he had to sit through the boring Imax movie with us. Sorry.

As always Noah loved learning about different cultures and he got a lot out of this trip.

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