Thursday, September 13, 2012

Howe Caverns and My Birthday

My birthday weekend was Epic this year! I'll just share the family friendly part- LOL! Sunday started with a stop at a Flea Market in Catskill and me eating my first fried pickle.

Next we stopped at our destination which was Howe Caverns. Here is Owen checking it out.

We had so much fun goofing around. People are way too serious and we were just laughing and taking pics of each other. The kids loved it!

Here are the boys giving me a kiss at the wedding altar in the caves. I'll always be their first love.

The new attraction is the ropes course and zipline! Owen cried on the ropes course. He got so scared.

I could feel him because I was scared too! I didn't go to the third level. Guess who did?

Yes, Noah! He walked through this thing like it was nothing. He was fast and precise. It was amazing to watch. His visual skills are so strong. Wow!

Owen didn't weigh enough to be able to zipline. He was so disappointed. Frank brought him over to the rock wall which he almost was too skinny to do as well. He just made it. That's my little guy up top. What a natural!

I learned so much about them that day. I'm so blessed with these guys.

That's me on the zipline! It was fun. I have to do a real zipline soon. Noah had fun as well.

I love this picture of Owen waving to Noah on the zipline! Frank got a great shot.

We had another awesome day together. I just have to say that I hate Gatorade! Thanks for the blue tongue! 

On our way home we stopped at this neat castle shaped place to eat. Noah is now on this kick where he no longer wants to eat from the childrens menu because he's big. All that means for us is a bigger bill when we go out to eat. I had the best birthday weekend. Thanks everyone!

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