Monday, September 24, 2012

The Last Days Of Summer

I'm still not caught up with the first day day school! Almost. The last trip I had with the guys was once again back at FDR's house in Hyde Park. Noah loves going there.

He wanted to see the gardens in bloom as we have always missed them. We are here in the Spring or Fall and somehow always miss the flowers, but not year.

Noah reads all the signs and Owen somehow manages to find every single bug, butterfly and bee.

They love peeking in the windows while people are taking  a tour of the place.

On this day we decided to go on the hike, as the grounds are beautiful. The rain caused us to turn around after awhile, but I promised we would go back soon.

As if FDR's place wasn't enough we stopped by Eleanor's house Val-Kill as well. The boys could have cared less that it was raining.

Here are the boys in front of Eleanor's house!

Owen was actually interested in hearing what Elanor had to say on the phone. He was so serious. They both left with a feeling that they had been where greatness once lived!

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