Saturday, November 3, 2012

October Family Highlights

It's that time of year in early October when we make wine. We still have wine from last year, but wanted to make at least one barrel of red. Owen helped his dad with the crushing and some tasting!

I hosted another ladies night featuring products sent from Kashi, Veganaise and Stonyfield Farms. We had some fun giveaways and the signature drink of the night was a Blow Pop Martini. We had so much food and it was so much fun. 

Frank had some friends stop by the following weekend to finish with the wine. Men, cigars and Owen's bug gun to suck up the bees! Noah said he prefers ladies night even though it's much louder!

We started off our anniversary weekend by attending a performance of DreamWorks How To Train Your Dragon Live Spectacular in Albany! I was able to snap this picture with my phone during the show. Honestly, it was spectacular! We received free tickets to the show so I could review it on my blog. The boys had such a good time. Then we set off for our trip to Salem Massachusetts! 

Stay tuned for my next post filled with pics from our anniversary trip to Salem! Seriously, what else would we do on our 12 year!

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