Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Barrett's in Salem

Off to Salem we went to help bring in Halloween and celebrate our 12 year anniversary. Frank and I hadn't been back to Salem since we had the kids.

Salem Witch Museum

The boys posing with Samantha from Bewitched!

If you haven't been to Salem it's a must to check out, especially in October! You have to book early to get a good hotel that's close. We stayed out of town because it was a last minute choice to go.

Salem Witch Memorial

The boys enjoyed viewing all the old tombstones.

We had the pleasure of going aboard this ship and checking out the living areas and most parts of the ship. The boys loved it.

Then we headed to Nathanial Hawthrone's House of the Seven Gables! When Frank and first visited I threw a coin in the wishing well and my wish came true! Can you guess what it was?

Town was full of life and we shopped at the Bizzare Bazzar in the town square! LOL! Costumes, performers you name it!

Of course somethings were a bit too scary for the boys, but there was still so much to do that it didn't matter. They enjoying swimming in the hotel pool and even convinced mommy to jump in with my clothes on! I don't think they'll ever forget it. It was a short trip, but worthwhile.

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