Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Halloween Happiness and November Wrap Up

Oh, yes I'm far behind here at the family blog. So here is a quick recap of October and November! The boys had a great Halloween this year. Noah actually got dressed and enjoyed himself. We went to the local college for a trick or treating event sponsored by the school. They got to go through the dorms in costume and get treats. They loved it. We were even able to convince Noah to actually go out on Halloween night. We had a nice time together.

 I also planned both the class parties for the boys this year. It's awesome to be able to go into the classroom and be with my boys having fun. I also do the crafts with the class. Here is Noah with his Smarties Spider!

Owen got the chance to go with me to NYC on a Thursday for a blogger event with Crayola and Energizer. He got to try his hand at some new crayola products on the shelves this year.

We had dinner and even got to take a goody bag home for Noah compliments of Crayola!

As, we were getting ready to head back and catch our train Owen asked me how people walk around inside the Flatiron building. LOL! He said it looks so small, yet so big.

The boys also got their first report cards and we couldn't be prouder. Owen is one of only two top readers in his class. Both boys are doing so well and Noah is keeping up with all the demands of the third grade. 

Having the boys home for the Thanksgiving break proved challenging, but Frank always comes up with some new invention to keep them busy. He set up a pulley system to teach them about simple machines then let them play on the pulleys!

Of course I made my traditional apple pie with turkeys for Thanksgiving. We spent this year with Grandma and Grandpa Barrett and Great Grand Ma.

Frank had to work the next day, but only for a few hours. It's been so nice to have him working locally again. The kids really love it!

The last big thing I think we did in November was buy this recliner. I've always wanted one. So instead of exchanging gifts with each other this year Frank and decided to buy a few pieces of furniture we have wanted. So far the chairs a hit! I just wish these guys would let me sit!

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