Sunday, January 6, 2013

December's Done

 We started a tradition last year of making  a family advent wreath with the church. The boys enjoy it and get to light the candles each week in our home.

After wreath making we went for a walk on the Walkway and guess who we ran into? The boys got candy canes and told the bog guy what they would like for Christmas.

The wreath is the center of our holiday activities!

 The boys have been doing some science experiments and learning new things.

 The anticipation for Christmas was building.

Owen lost another tooth and was without both front teeth for the holidays.

Frank had his work holiday party at the Grandview and we had a fun time as always.

Owen had an unfortunate accident with the coffee table. He is still getting over this injury.

We also had Owen's football awards dinner at the Rocking Horse Ranch. He loves his trophy.

Here are the boys with their bird feeders they made in 4H! The boys joined a 4H group this year are really enjoying it.

I was able to enjoy both boys' holiday parties at school and participate in Owen's class cookie making. The kids had a blast making and decorating cookies.

Owen also participated in the Christmas Pageant again this year. Our little Sheppard!

Christmas was a bust! We were all sick except for Noah. It was awful. Owen had a 102.5 fever that day and Frank and I topped at 101.5. We were sick the entire break. Owen still calls it "The Worst Christmas Ever."

We ended December celebrating Noah's 9Th birthday.

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