Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Making March

March was another busy month for us! Noah and I went to NYC on St. Patty's day (big mistake) to review Bello Mania at The New Victory Theater, our favorite new hangout! Owen was sick so Frank stayed at home and cared for him.

Noah got to get his green on with the Lego Hulk at Toys R Us Times Square! The show was great and the train ride home sucked, but we did good.

Owen's class had a  day where parents could come in and experience centers as a first grader. It was fun. He got to teach me what he does during the day. I have to say I'm impressed with these guys!

Noah's class had a Spring party and I got to help the kids make a handprint butterfly hanger for Spring. The kids had just finished their reading program so I got to give them their prizes as well.

 Grandma Sharon and Grandpa Allen stopped by just in time to help the boys put together their posters for 4H. The boys both were taking part in the Public Presentations workshop.

If you haven't yet caught the video's of these two you need too! They did great! Click on their names for the video links: Noah's How to Make a Super Omelet and Owen's Why I'm a Vegetarian.

 Owen's age group does not get scored, but Noah's does and he got the blue award which is first place! We are so proud of both of them! Mommy was so nervous she thought she was going to be sick. What a drama queen!

We also got lucky and won 4 tickets to see Disney Live! Mom and dad were not impressed. I think we have been spoiled by good theater, but the kids like it. Lots of lip syncing! Blah!

My little eggheads also took part in their school's Science Symposium. They talked about rock types and the rock cycle. It looks like next year they both want to do separate projects. It's so awesome!So, there you have it folks. Till next time....

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