Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Owen's Birthday 2013

Just an example of why we don't invite Uncle Wally over more often! See what can happen just minutes of him entering our house! Don't panic I hid all the lids and had a talk with the boys.

My cousin and his fiance from Italy came for a visit. It happened to be on Owen's birthday that they came by for dinner and some yummy cupcakes. I'm surprised the boys didn't scare them away with their karaoke. Owen gets very emotional when he sings Sweet Caroline.

The next day was Owen's party at the Inner Wall Rock Climbing gym in New Paltz. The kids had a blast. Frank has been bringing the boys there for awhile now and they love it.

Owen got to sit next to his main squeeze Abagail as he blew out his candles. All the kids had a great time and I think we have some new future climbers here.

That night Grandma and Grandpa Barrett joined us for hibachi at Tokyo Sushi. The boys love the whole hibachi show and Grandma surprised us by winning the Sake drinking contest. Go Grandma!

I'll bring you more March in another post as it was a big and busy month for us!  Thanks for all the birthday wishes for Owen. Seven is fitting him just fine.

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