Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Rest of June: Yes, I'm that far behind

Yes, It's August and I still haven't finished up Barrett Family Happenings for June, but you'll see why. I'm finishing up June here, so this post will have LOTS of pictures. Big news of the month: Noah had his braces taken off! Look at that beautiful smile!

I attended an event by The Moms in NYC to launch Alison Sweeney's debut novel The Star Attraction. We had a fantastic lunch then got to interview the actress, author and mom of 2. She  amazed us with her scheduling of  2 shows( The Biggest Loser and Days of Our Lives), working out and kids. 

Somehow I was lucky enough to win 2 tickets to see the legendary Liza Minnelli in concert! My girlfriend and I attended and had blast. Life is a cabaret my friend!

 The next day the Barrett's got to attend the NYC Premiere of Epic and walk the "green carpet" The boys still aren't impressed by their mom being press. Oh, well.

Frank took the boys as I had to interview the director and actors from the film. Colin Farrell and Amanda Seyfried. I also interviewed Chirs O'Dowd and Aziz Ansari. So, cool. My articles appeared on The Culture as a guest writer. 

 End of the year school festivities continued with Owen's field day. Noah doesn't go to field day. He just doesn't like it, but he watched on the sidelines with me to cheer Owen on.

Frank ran this toad over with the lawn mower about 3 weeks ago. We saw him bleeding as he hopped away on 3 legs. Now he's back, looking completely healed minus a foot. Owen tries to check the lawn now before daddy mows.

Owen's class ended the school year with the Learning Spectacular. He was so excited to be singing and showing off all the skills that he learned. Noah's class did an author's parade, but he did not want to participate. The end of the school year was  rough on him.

Somewhere, in the middle of all of this the boys and I hit the big city again for a performance of The Girl Who Forgot to Sing Badly. Frank was tired of going to NYC on his day off so we asked Uncle Wally to come along.

He was kind enough to drive us home and along the way stop to catch the beautiful views of NY from the Jersey side. The boys even had a chance to stop in and visit Zia Silvana while she was back from Italy.

We had an unexpected visit from our good friend Jesse home from Portland. The boys know him as Uncle Jesse and the kids gave him a good beating while he was over.

Then we took to celebrating Father's Day all weekend long. First stop was brunch and a pool game at Bacchus. One of our favorite places in town.

Next stop was the Orange County Speedway to see Grandpa Barrett. The boys had never been to the car races and loved it. Plus they got to go into the pit and sit inside a real race car fresh off the track. They thought they were so cool!

Finally on Father's Day we took the boys on their first real rock climb at the Mohonk Preserve. 

 Grandma and Grandpa Barrett came along and Grandpa even got up and climbed. The boys loved it and Noah really got to show off his skills. That boy always amazes me.

The boys have been taking swimming lessons at Marist College, but they did so well on their own in the pool this year. Noah has always been afraid of the water, but he's actually swimming this year! Owen is my little fish, underwater and all over the place. 

The boys also got to see their first drive-in movie! They have been to the drive-in several times, but they were just babies and didn't remember. It was a real treat- they loved it.

They also both attended Vacation Bible School in New Paltz this year. They loved it! I was so not sure how it was going to be for Noah. We pulled him out of CCD this year because he was having a miserable time. This Summer session was a success.

Okay, so do understand now why I haven't been posting updates here on a regular basis? We also bought a new car and refinanced our mortgage somewhere in here too. Frank is loving his new job and I've had the busiest Summer yet with my blog. I'm sure you are all just as busy, but my time management skills need an overhaul! I'll be back soon with July update Hope you are having a great Summer.

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