Thursday, September 12, 2013

Back to School: Summer Update

 On August 13th Noah fell and broke his arm and we have spent the last part of Summer recovering. You can read an entire post about exactly what happened on my blog Be Your Best Mom. On September 19th we will see the doctor again and have the pins removed from his arm and then we will move to a smaller cast. Thank you for all the good wishes, cards, and gifts. He truly felt loved.

Drumroll: So in case you haven't heard through the grapevine we have a new dynamic here at the Barrett house. Noah is going to be homeschooled this year and Owen is starting second grade at public school, as always. Noah is attending a Montessori program 3 days a week and we are supplementing his learning here at home. They both had their first days and I can sense a great year for us. We are grateful to be able to help both of our individual boys grow in the best way possible for each of them. 

Here is our Summer Wrap up!

Due to Frank's job change our vacation time was cut down and Frank came up with this brilliant idea to go camping at Saranac Lake in the Adirondacks. I'm so not an outdoor girl and guess what? Neither is Noah. This post says it all (Click HERE to read) and so does this picture.

Frank ended up having a muscle spasm on day 2 and the ride home was hell. As soon as we arrived he went to an emergency clinic for some muscle relaxers. I had to get ready for the Today Show in NYC the next morning and my interview with Ryan Reynolds. This just keeps sounding more insane as I type. 

One day I'm here:

The next day I'm here:

I had the opportunity to cover the Today show and have an interview session with Ryan Reynolds about his new movie Turbo. Crazy right? Frank and the kids met me later and we had a chance to view a screening of Turbo. The kids and I loved it- poor Frank had to go to work. He met up with us later as I had a fashion preview to attend as well that day. These kids have no idea how much cool stuff they get to do. 

We spent the entire day running from FAO Schwartz, to Trump Tower, to the Lego store at Rockefeller Center and then finally to the fashion preview where the boys were greeted with chocolate milk on a silver platter while they waited for mommy to be done. Daddy met us right outside as it started to pour, but we needed to cool off so it was welcome. 

Not long after we returned to NYC grabbed some ice cream with Uncle Wally and headed to The Art of The Brick in Times Square. It was a special blogger event and the boys and I got to meet the Lego artist himself Nathan Sawaya, as we toured the Discovery Center. If you have a chance to visit it's amazing! Frank met us after work and we headed to Bubba Gump Shrimp.

We worked it this Summer. The boys and I attended a Smuftacular party and private screening of Smurfs2 in NYC at the Sony Building. We had lunch, games and lots of gifties for the kids. We spent some time after in Central Park because Noah just loves it! We also stopped by (but did not eat there) BLT Steakhouse. Noah has been dying to see it because one of the Hell's Kitchen winners worked there as the head chef. Frank took Noah to see his first Yankees game and he's a fan! 

Last trip to NYC before Noah broke his arm. We went to The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Noah had been dying to go for awhile. The favorites for the boys were the Egyptian arts and Jackson Pollock. We had some snacks on the steps, met up with daddy and attended an early screening of Disney's Planes. 

My girlfriend and I were driven to a blogger event for Iams. We got to meet Celebrity Chef Art Smith and dine on some tasty items at the W hotel. Frank and I took in a Broadway show during previews. We saw Soul Doctor and it was awesome! We had a great time. The bus ride home was long. We also took the kids to the county fair and met up with Grandma Sharon and Grandpa Allen. Noah got sick on a ride and I had to take him home. It was awful. Later, when eveyone else came home we all went out to eat and were surprised when another diner picked up our entire bill because Grandpa Allen is a Vietnam Vet. It was amazing. 

The saga ends here. Noah attended a cooking camp this Summer on a farm. We were invited on the final day to try all the yummy food the kids had been working on. Noah actually got up for his group in front of the crowd and explained what dishes they made. It was cute. The last time we enjoyed together as a family was Sunday brunch two days before Noah broke his arm. It was a great day. Who knew what laid ahead for us? Now, you are all caught up on the Barrett's and I promise never to wait so long to send out a post again. I've learned my lesson. 

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