Saturday, September 21, 2013

Life After the Break...

The last 6 weeks have been challenging. When we finally had Noah home from the hospital things were tough. He couldn't do anything for himself and didn't want to leave the house. I used Bomb Pops as a way to at least get him out on the porch. Eventually the pain subsided and life continued. 

We've had a semi-successful year with our garden. It all went to Hell after the hospital, but I'm still getting lots of tomatoes even now that it's getting chilly. The broccoli was bust this year, but I did make pickles. We will be planting those again next year!

Thank goodness for tablets because you can actually enjoy one easily with just one hand! The boys have been building in Minecraft and of course, Noah loves tracking people and places on the maps. (Future stalker-LOL!)

Thanks to a local parenting magazine we got to attend a Hudson Valley Renegades game for free! Plus the boys got free hats and piggy banks shaped like their mascot. Noah couldn't make it through the entire game, but we got to meet new friends and say hi to old ones. We had a great day. It was nice to be out. I've had to take a step back from my blogging activities due to the circumstances. (Being a mom is my number 1 job!)

After awhile Noah learned how to deal with being one armed and he continued with his life. He helped cook my bacon and had Frank help him play pool. He worked on a huge puzzle Uncle Wally brought him (Still working on it!) and played with Legos asking for help only when needed. He was a trooper!

Owen's playing football again for his third year in a row. He's having a great time this year and has matured into a fine teammate. Frank's actually been home on time to take him to practice this year, which has been a wonderful break for Noah and myself. 

Grandma Sharon and Grandpa Allen were able to join us for Owen's first game. Frank's friend Aren was visiting and staying at our home so he came along to cheer the team along! We had a nice lunch at a local restaurant to celebrate. Sure, we lost, but the other team towered over us-LOL! 

Noah had his first homeschooling field trip! We visited Senate House with other local homeschoolers. It was great! He had so much fun and got alot out of the trip. He's always hated field trips, but this one was different. I truly feel we made the right choice. He's also enjoying his part time Montessori school program. He's happy.

Owen is also enjoying school this year so far. I feel awful sending him off on his own while Noah stays with me, but it's working for every one. He's made new fiends and connected with old ones. I enjoy the moments we spend together in the morning before he leaves. We are truly blessed in this family. 

Frank and I attended the wedding of good friends last weekend. We had a blast. The boys stayed at Grandma Sharon and Grandpa Allen's and didn't want to come home. They had so much fun. We picked them up the next day. Yes, we actually got to spend the night alone! 

And, I just want to give a big shout out to the History channel and it's Egyptian tombs story last weekend that inspired my son to build his own pyramid out of Legos. It's completely hollow and has a mini tomb room inside. Brilliant! 

The best news: Noah had his cast removed on September 19th! We waited for over 2 hours in a crowded doctors office, but we made it! His arm is still stiff and he can't straighten it out, but we are working on it. They pulled the pins out-(gross!) while I watched and distracted him. We lunched at Red Lobster (his choice) on all you can eat shrimp and boy did he eat! We took the bandage off last night and it looks good. We go back to the doctor in 2 weeks and hopefully we'll have enough mobility to avoid PT. 

So far- an awesome start to the school year!

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