Friday, October 25, 2013

Fall Fun 2013

Holy cow I can't believe it's going to be October 31st soon! Time flies. We have been busy trying to find our groove into a new schedule. Owen is busy with football and school and Noah is loving homeschooling. 

This month we spent sometime at the Mohonk Preserve studying nature. Noah worked on a nature scavenger hunt and did both bark and leaf rubbings. We observed a frog, birds and even fish. He had me take pictures of various things that we could research online. 

Football has been taking a lot of our time between practices and games. Owen is doing great this year and having a good time. We are so proud that he stuck with it and he has amazing supportive coaches. 

I also had an opportunity to bring Noah to the Omega Institute where I once worked. We met with an old friend of mine and walked the grounds talking about what working there was like and the different jobs. He said he would like to work there someday. It's been so nice spending one on one time with him. 

We took our first trip back to the city after Noah's broken arm. We saw Peter Pan at the New Victory theater and got to stop by Uncle Wally's job to say hi. It was good to be back in the Big Apple! We sat in Bryant Park and the boys enjoyed their  ice cream before the train ride home.

That same weekend we started the wine making process. Owen loved cranking the crusher. I'm glad the weather held out. 

We also got to experience homecoming at the High School. (Owen's the first kid running) They had our little guys take the field during half time. The kids felt like rock stars!

The boys also got to spend some time with Xena the owl at a homeschooling event. Owen was off from school and I'm glad he had the opportunity to learn about owls and pet one. 

Apple season has come to an end. As much as we love having the orchard in our backyard I hate the fruit flies. It's awful. Then add to that wine fermenting. 

It's a family affair. Uncle Wally came with his game face on ready to press some grapes. Yes, we put the boys to work, too. Only one bee sting this year- sorry Wally.

That night the boys celebrated with fireworks!

The boys both received awards from their achievements in 4H. I took these pictures before the ceremony. Noah was presented the Heart of 4H award.  They were so excited to be with their group that night. 

Yes, I know it's another long post. I need to do this more often and I will because I'm not done and I'm stopping right here. I just can't help, but share these awesome pictures of my guys. We hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful Fall season.