Monday, November 4, 2013

And October is Over

I can't believe it's November already! We had a great October. Frank helped the boys build a Tepee while teaching them about Native Americans and the types of shelters different tribes built. The boys told me no girls allowed!

The oddest part about homeschooling Noah has to be the fact that he has class when his brother doesn't. By that I mean, the "school" he takes a few classes at is still open during certain holidays. It was nice to have just some Owen time during Columbus day while Noah was at school. We celebrated after school with fresh squeezed lemonade and tapas!

So, this is the first year that the boys carved their own pumpkins. Well, I should say tried to carve. We were reviewing a kit and it broke, so Frank had to whip out his knife and dig in.

TaDa! The kids were happy anyway and enjoyed the toasted pumpkin seeds. Needless to say my review wasn't glowing like these two.

Noah still enjoys being in the kitchen. He baked this Pumpkin bread ( Thanks to Trader Joes and Uncle Wally) for me to take to a homeschooling meeting all by himself. It was a hit and he learned where I keep many things in the kitchen. 

The boys attended their first 4H meeting of the year. The kids decorated pumpkins for a senior home. Don't be fooled by the Owen look alike in the photo. Owen is wearing the blue hat! 

You know they always just rake enough to have fun and that's about it! The weather here has been crazy. Hot one minute and cold the next. We have been taking advantage of the nice days.

Noah's field trip for the month found us at FDR's house in Hyde Park. We have been to the grounds several times, but never inside the house. He was thrilled. We had an educational portion and we learned about FDR as a child. 

I just love this picture I took of Noah as we ended our tour. We learned so much together. I'm so blessed to have this opportunity.

Noah has finally started Physical Therapy for his arm. Hot pad, massage, and a little exercise not so bad. He's only about 2-3 % short of being back to normal. He's working on it and doing great. I feel like this arm thing is never going to end.

 The boys get to go Trick or Treating twice! The local college campus opens the dorms for trick or treating and Halloween fun. Owen went as Luke Skywalker and Noah as the Mummy. They had a blast and I love that after 3 dorms they were done.

Owen's class had their Halloween celebration and Noah and I got to go in and join the fun. Noah said he felt like a big boy being in class with the adults that came to visit. He helped Owen put his craft together.

Yes, mommy got in on the Halloween fun too! This is from Halloween night before we hit the houses looking for candy. The kids got a scare after a man fainted when he went to open the door. You can read about it HERE on my other blog. It was scary, but everything turned out fine.

We watched the Great Pumpkin and the kids sorted their candy. We donated some to the troops, kept some and the Switch Witch took 5 pounds worth! The Switch Witch takes candy in exchange for a toy. These guys were smart and asked for cash, but the Switch Witch didn't fall for Noah's request of $500. LOL! Stay Tuned for November happenings! I'm sensing a vacation for the overworked Barrett's!

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