Saturday, December 14, 2013

Punta Cana Part 2

As a mentioned before the Melia had lots of animals wandering around the property. Owen had this close encounter with the Aflac duck in the lobby!

The mornings on the beach were a blast. Frank and Owen decided to fly kites one morning and an old lady got tangled in the string! I saw them trying to help her up and she kept falling in the water. Thankfully she was a sport about it. She said she would tell her grandkids what happened on holiday! Noah and I went back in the water only to see Frank and Owen running across the beach after Owen let go of the kite string. Needless to say we should never be allowed to have kites on the beach! LOL!

 After beach time we'd grab lunch before heading to the pool. The food was so good, but slim protein picking for a vegetarian like Owen. He ate a lot of carbs that week. He was upset Frank made him stand next to the chef with the big seafood paella pan. Noah spent some time trying to get rid of birds on his chair. It was so funny.

Pool time was relaxing and fun for the guys. I started a book I have yet to finish and Frank the same. I think the boys almost finished their books.

The walk to dinner was always fun filled. Owen had a great time taking photos and the boys enjoyed the animals and plant life.

The best meal we had was at the Japanese restaurant. There were only 6 of us at the hibachi table. The other couple was so nice. Owen didn't seem to mind too much when he got to stand in front of the hibachi with our chef! The staff was amazing and even gave a bottle of wine to take back to our room. We would usually the night playing cards. The family time without electronics was priceless.

More of our adventures to come!

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