Friday, December 6, 2013

Vacation: Punta Cana Part 1

Finally after the broken arm and everything else we were able to take a vacation. So, I called the travel agent and said, "Just take us someplace warm and all inclusive." So with passports in hand we headed to the Dominican Republic. The boys had their very first plane ride. Noah said it was a bit boring, but okay.

We arrived later in the day and couldn't wait to get out of our Winter clothes and into some shorts. The boys were amazed at the beauty of the beach and the large pool at the Melia. The resort was huge. 

Owen was shy about using his move during vacation. He actually only used it a few times. I think he was intimidated. LOL!

The next day we hit the beach early and the boys spent most of the morning trying not to get knocked over by the waves. It was a beautiful day. Mommy and daddy enjoyed the bar on the beach. It was so relaxing.

After lunch we would hit the pool so the kids could actually swim. Frank worked them and made them do laps ( Okay- kind of!) . I'm sure it was good for Noah's arm. 

Yes, we had to drink out of coconuts and smoke Cuban cigars! They just slice them up right in front of you and pour your drink in there. Hysterical. The kids were horrified at the cigars. Oh well.

The walk to the main lobby was long if you didn't take the transportation, but worth it. The amount of animals wandering the property was amazing. I took so many pictures. The peacocks were lovely, Noah got to feed a flamingo and Owen cried at the site of tiny baby ducks. He also became quite the photographer on the trip.

Shirley Temples were the drink on the trip for the boys. I have never seen happier kids. We are so blessed. I'll bring you more highlights from our trip in the next post. We had a few funny things happen to us! See you next post!

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