Sunday, December 29, 2013

Wrapping Up 2013: Part 1

After we got back from vacation the holidays were already at our doorstep. Thanksgiving was spent with family at my brother's house. I had to bring Tofurkey with me for Owen. He's still holding strong at being a vegetarian.

Frank brought over some Cuban cigars we acquired while on our trip and the guys sipped scotch while enjoying their smoke. 

That same weekend Owen had his football awards dinner. I think he only plays football so he can get a trophy!

Grandma Sharon and Grandpa Allen asked to come with us this year. They came to several games and even took Owen to practice for us when Noah had his broken arm and Frank was working.

Owen had his holiday party at school. He was P for presents! I ran late and almost missed him. So, glad I didn't miss it. I heard he was sad when he didn't see me. 

This year we went back and forth over what to do about a tree. Since we've been together we've always had a live tree, but this year we thought about getting an artificial tree. I'm so glad it didn't happen. The kids love getting a live one. They get to play in a bouncy house outside, drink hot chocolate, and eat yummy treats at the farm around a bonfire. 

Owen is getting ready to get his palate extender. Unfortunately, due to the lab losing his molds and the doctor having a family emergency we are still waiting. Right now he just has his spacers in and waiting.......

Noah finally has finished physical therapy for his arm. I took him out to celebrate. He is so close to full extension and we will work on that from home. (Oh and by the way that's a a root beer!)

We've had snow and a few snow days from school to boot! The boys have been enjoying the cold weather. 

This year I've gotten the boys involved in several projects. They spent quite a bit of time writing cards to sick children for the holidays. It was hard, but we had some great talks about sickness and what it means. They  became so involved and Noah even asked to see pictures of the kids he was writing to.

Noah got to see his first ballet this year. We went with a homeschooling group and it was awesome. (Getting out of the parking lot-not so awesome-LOL!)

The family also had an awesome opportunity to take part in holiday caroling at a local nursing home. We met up with many friends new and old and helped spread some cheer! I have never heard Frank sing so much! The boys had a good time. 

More year end news on the way!!!!!!

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