Wednesday, February 5, 2014

It's February Already!

I hadn't realized that is has been so long since I wrote a post! I swear it has taken us the entire month of January to get back into the swing of things and the weather has been crazy! So here is the scoop! We spent New Years Eve at Aunt Sue and Uncle Sal's house. The boys made it to midnight for the first time. Thankfully they did not scare away the guests with their karaoke singing.

We've just been hanging out and spending some nice family time together. The boys made some pretzels with daddy compliments of Uncle Wally. So, much better than the gingerbread kits that I somehow turn into hovels. 

Noah spent quite some time assembling his birthday gift. He was so proud when he finished it. The kit was for 16 and older, but he did it after only 1 set back. This was a fantastic learning tool.

Ritzy is still alive and a big pain in the neck. If he's not trying to get me to fall down the stairs in the morning, he's puking on my carpet. Yes, the one carpet I actually own.

The boys are also taking Sunday morning swim class again. They did so well swimming on vacation we figured they should continue. Owen is a little fish and Noah finally put his face in the water for the first time. They also both started a Lacrosse skills class on Saturdays.

Owen gave me this award at his school. I was sick and sent Frank in my place. I had no idea. I ended up showing up at the end because they left Owen's homework at home. I was so sad I missed it. He's such an awesome kid! I'm a lucky mom to have two amazing boys.

Noah has been creating some funny art work and I admire his creativity. This is our family portrait and yes, that Maria is Nonna-LOL! February is going to be jam packed with fun if the weather let's us!

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