Wednesday, March 5, 2014

March Came in Like a Lion

This Winter weather has certainly helped us grow closer as a family. It seems as if we've been trapped indoors for awhile now. I've gotten good at keeping the boys busy, although I must admit that they are very good at self directing themselves to an activity. Knock on wood, that we haven't had any serious illness here. I was sick for a few days. Noah one and Frank has been fighting things on and off.

Owen continues with his guitar lessons. I wish he would practice more, but between school and other activities I'd like him to relax and have fun too. Frank tried having Owen teach him, but he quit. I think he might try again.

Frank helped the boys build this "Hobbit" house after we had almost 2 feet of snow. The boys had a great time till the birds pooped all over Owen's side-LOL! 

Both boys took a Lacrosse skills clinic this Winter and like it so much that we signed them both up for the team. We are excited that Noah has found something he's interested in trying. Homeschooling has built up his confidence and he's been trying lots of new things. 

We've had a few living room campouts. 

Ritzy is still up to his old tricks. He's been bird watching with us.

Snow day activities have included make your own pizza parties, baking and reading.

Even though Owen is still attending "regular" school we've integrated many learning activities into our home. The boys both have been using a program to learn how to type. Unfortunately, school doesn't offer enough computer time. I think they are getting the hang of it. Noah's been typing his papers for school.

We had a quick NYC visit to pick dad up at work. Frank's been working hard, but I like his hours. He's home for dinner most nights and helps with the boy's homework.

In February we attended Monster Jam at the IZOD Center in New Jersey. I was covering the event for my blog. We got pit passes and had an opportunity to meet the drivers. The boys had a blast. We had never been to the IZOD before or a truck show. It was a blast!

The first of March we returned to the IZOD for Nuclear Cowboyz. An awesome stunt filled motor cross show featuring the Shaolin Kung Fu Warriors, dancers and some pretty great pyrotechnics! I loved this show! The kids were speechless. Once again we got to meet the riders, get autographs, and touch some of the equipment during the VIP Fall Out zone party. 

Guess who turned 8 the very next day? We still can't believe our little one is 8! We had to schedule his party for later in the month. He spent the entire day assembling all of his Lego set ups. He's never been so quiet! Grandpa and Grandma Barrett came over for some cake and to see the birthday boy. He wants to thank everyone for all the wonderful gifts and messages he received. He feels very loved.

Noah completed his country project for school. I had a great time at culture day and learned so much about so many different places. Noah's country was Germany. I'll end this post with a video of his presentation. He did a great job! As it gets warmer and we get out more I'll have to do more posts so they won't be this long! Happy March!

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