Friday, April 4, 2014

Not Really Out Like a Lamb

As we roll into April, I realize how fast March came and went. Currently we are all getting over being quite sick and I think I jinxed myself in last months post. What can you do? Busy here as usual. Noah got to be a guest reader for Owen's class this month. The kids seemed to really enjoy it and so did he he. We were asked to come back again!

The boys also took part in giving Public Presentations for 4H this month. We made it by the skin of our teeth! I wrote the wrong dates down, but the boys pulled it off. Owen did his report on Dino-Birds and the evolution of the wing. Noah did a PowerPoint Presentation on Winter Birds of the Hudson Valley. Noah not only received a blue ribbon, but was asked to do his presentation at Districts! We are so proud of him. Owen is still not eligible due to his age, but he rocked his presentation as well!

We weren't able to have Owen's birthday party at the house because of the large amount of snow we had so we had it at the rock climbing gym again. 

 It's like the birthday that never ends! Noah had a few of friends attend and he collected food donations for the church food pantry. He felt very good about himself. Everyone had a great time.

We also had the school science fair and Noah was allowed to participate as a homeschooler! They both did their 4H presentations. We didn't have time this year for a separate experiment. Owen of course spent most of his time following the girls around while Noah manned the station.

Another great event! Frank took them to get milkshakes when it was over!

We finally returned to the city and one of our favorite places The New Victory Theater. 

 Unfortunately, the circus we saw caused this behavior when we got home! As if I need to have a heart attack! I'm thinking gymnastics camp this Summer?

We are getting ready for Owen to receive his First Communion and Nonna came to Family Banner day with us. Save the date- May 10th!

 The boys are also on the Lacrosse team and we will have our first game in April! happy Spring everyone!

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