Saturday, May 3, 2014

April Showers of Fun

 Well, we are doing it! We got chickens! 6 baby chicks have been welcomed in our home. Frank and the boys started building our coop.

The boys named the girls: Gilligan, El Capitan, Nap, Ginger, Dark and Butterscotch. I have decided birds are dirty and I really need to get them out of my house! They are growing fast!

My girlfriend and I hit NYC to attend an event for the launch of Rob Lowe's new book. Unfortunately, we didn't get a one on one photo with Rob, but I did get to ask him a question during the interview session.

We had a great time and even got to meet up with my brother afterwards.

Noah Playing Lacrosse
Owen #2

The boys joined the Highland Lacrosse team and have been having a great time. Noah is loving it and wants to play football with Owen in the Fall.

It's been a big commitment, but so worth it to see the boys playing together.  I never thought I would like seeing kids hit each other with sticks so much!

On the way home from the kids first game we stopped at the location of our wedding reception. The boys had a good laugh making fun us and took this picture of us. It was hysterical. 

The chicks have been growing fast. This is from their first day out. One slipped through our fence and I thought Owen was going to have a nervous breakdown. We caught her and all was well.

Ritzy has been completely not interested in them at all. We have although been keeping them in a locked room just in case he gets a taste for chicken!

Noah was invited to give his presentation on Winter Birds at the 4H District public presentation level. He gave his powerpoint presentation at Gander Mountain in Middletown and earned another Blue Award. Grandma and Grandpa Barrett attended and we were all so proud of him!

Spring break started with a bang! Owen attended his first Yankees game. Yankees VS Red Sox and the Yankees won! They loved it. I hadn't been to a game since I was kid. It was so much fun.

During the break we visited the Chuang Yen Monastery with Aunt Sue and Ronnie.

Owen was thrilled that only vegetarian food is allowed at the monastery! 

The monastery is home to the largest indoor Buddha in the western hemisphere. It is surrounded by 10,000 tiny Buddhas. This was such a beautiful place. We want to return when  the gardens are in bloom.

Noah should buy a lottery ticket. April was quite the month for him. He entered a "paint your own bank" contest at our local library and won second place! He won $15, another bank and bag filled with candy and prizes. Owen didn't enter, but was so supportive of his brother. Noah shared his candy with him.

Easter morning I made these scary bunny pancakes, but kids seemed to like them. The Easter bunny was good to them this year. We spent a wonderful day at Aunt Sue and Uncle Sal's with the family. 

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