Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Just June......Catching up

   Talk about waiting till the last moment! Summer is just about gone and I never finished posting about the end of the school and our Summer. After we got back from North Caroline Frank and I had a chance to attend the opening of Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N. at Discovery Times Square. It was a press event and we had the chance to see the exhibit before it opened to the public.

It was like being in one of the Marvel movies! If you are fan don't miss it. We were given tickets to come back so I'm taking the boys before school begins.


Both boys played on the Lacrosse team this Spring. They did great and attended Lacrosse camp this Summer. We loved that Noah finally wanted to be part of a team. They both worked hard and their team did great. 

On the day of their very last game Grandpa and Grandma Barrett came out to watch and we all had a fantastic lunch at Gasho Japanese Steak House. The Mojitos were yummy! LOL!

Owen's school year ended with their annual field day and picnic. He was thrilled that they had a veggie burger for him!

We also had the pleasure of attending an end of the year picnic with only Owen's class at his teacher's farm. The kids went on a hayride, played with the chickens and saw all sorts of animals. It was the perfect way to end the school year. Owen wants to go back!

Noah and I had our own end of the year celebration at Split Rock. We took a picnic with us and our books. We had a truly beautiful day. He loved it! 

We celebrated the last  4H meeting of the year at the park.

Noah started mowing the lawn by himself!

Frank put the hammock back up and we've gotten some much needed rest outdoors.

The chickens are growing and growing. The boys just love them so much.

And Ritzy, well, he's completely ruined my chair!

The boys have also adopted a bunch of tadpoles. We are now down to 4 frogs. It has been fun watching them grow.

*Stay tuned for a continuation of our Summer....... Amish Country, Lake George and all sorts of fun!

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