Monday, September 15, 2014

Lake George Trip 2014

   We took another road trip this Summer to Lake George. The boys and I had free tickets to Great Escape and it was Frank's birthday so off we went! 

After we checked in we headed off to Giuseppe's for some pizza and beers!  Then we hit the town for a walk!

 The weather was perfect. We spent sometime in the hotel pool and later found out that there would be fireworks that night. The kids were so excited that we would be headed to Great Escape the next day.

 I think Owen enjoyed playing in the sand on the beach more than the fireworks. We had to drag him away from his sand art when it was over. The fireworks display was so beautiful and so was the live music before the show. We were so lucky to have arrived on this day. Then it happened...... Owen was up all night. He had a fever and complained of a sore throat.

Noah and I headed out early to get Owen medicine and some "sick" friendly food and snacks. After dropping the items off at the hotel and helping Owen vomit in a trash can, I took Noah out for breakfast at The Bank Cafe. A small cute place that was once a bank. We ate outside and talked about what would happen now that Owen was sick. Great Escape would have to wait. Frank was still asleep at this time and had no idea what was going on.

So, Noah and I went for a long walk. First we stopped to see if Owen's sand art was still there, but t was gone.

We checked out a cool Cadillac car show happening in town. 

The Fort wasn't open yet- maybe next time!

We took a photo with the bear and made a donation to save wildlife. I bought Noah a mood ring and Owen a Dolphin necklace at one of the few shops opened at this hour.

Then on the way back we took a photo outside our favorite restaurant in town so far! Love the Lavash! Yummmmmmmmmy!

Owen and Frank were awake when we got back. Owen insisted he felt better and wanted to go out to eat. That didn't last long. He ate about half his meal and asked to go back to the room. He seemed warm and fell back asleep. Noah and Frank went out to explore. 

Then they decided to go Parasailing! 

After his nap Owen was ready to go again, but no parasailing for him!We just hung out on the boat!

Those are my guys up there! Noah loved it!

We decided to celebrate after the sail at Ben and Jerry's. Then Owen vomited all over the place and we left hanging our heads in shame and headed back to the hotel for the night.

YES! We did make it to Great Escape! Owen rode this roller coaster with me and DIDN'T vomit! We had an awesome family day. The kids didn't want to ever leave, but I promised we would be back again next year. ( Even if it's just for the day.)

Frank's day was made when he scored this huge ice cream cone at Martha's! 

This is the small size!

I think we had enough ice cream to last a lifetime!

We ended our last night with some awesome acoustic music after dinner.

I guess they like things big in Lake George! We stopped by the Log Jam for breakfast on our way home and the kids were blown away by the size of their meal! I was too! It was fun trip and Owen was a trooper for pushing through his 24 hour bug.  We really are blessed as a family!

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