Thursday, January 8, 2015

Barrett Family Year End Review 2014: Part1

New Years 2013-2014

Well, I have let this blog slip through the cracks. It has been a challenging year of homeschooling and focusing on my other blog. I'm going to try to be better at you updated on what's happening here with the Barrett Family. If you haven't already consider subscribing to my blog Be Your Best Mom to keep up with us as well. (Plus it helps me professionally!)

Here is a look at our year in a nutshell:

For the first time ever we had both boys playing sports! Homeschooling has proven to bring Noah out of his shell and we were and continue to be amazed. The boys both played Spring Lacrosse and football this year. 

2014 was the year of the road trip for us. We headed down to North Carolina for our nieces graduation. We took Grandma and Grandpa with us and were able to stop at the Wright Brothers on the way home. Owen actually got to touch the plane!

Next we headed to Pennsylvania Dutch country with Uncle Wally to see the show Shrek the Musical. The boys had a chance to meet the cast. The boys are big fans of Shoo-Fly pie and we'll have to go back for a longer stay soon.

For Frank's birthday we visited Lake George, and took the kids to Great Escape. Owen got sick on this trip, but it was quick and we were still able to enjoy ourselves. Noah and Frank went parasailing it was a blast!

The boys also continued to active in 4H. As a Cloverbud Owen was not eligible for any awards, but Noah won his share this year. Both boys completed projects for their public presentations. Noah received a blue ribbon and moved on to Districts were he received another Blue ribbon for his presentation on birds. Both boys worked the 4H barn this year and participated in chicken showmanship. Noah also won a blue ribbon for showmanship and his chicken received a red ribbon. At the year end 4H recognition awards Noah received the Above and Beyond award for his work and community service. We love 4H and are continuing this year! 

We also added some new members to our family. We picked up 6 baby chicks that have now grown into beautiful egg- producing birds. The boys love them. We also have 3 tiny frogs that Owen saved when they were just tadpoles from the Polifemo pool filter. It was fun to watch them grow. Of course we still have that trouble maker Ritzy cat. He's really big on Facebook.

The boys also had some moments on the stage. Owen was so excited to be chosen as Joseph for the church Christmas Pageant. Noah played the characters Sir Lancelot and the Bishop in his school's production of King Arthur. Then Noah played the Reindeer/OldBed in the Winter production of the Snow Queen. Hmmm.. I wonder where they get their acting chops from?

I don't want to bore you, so I'm breaking this up in two parts. It wasn't until I did a look back at our year that I saw how awesome it really was for us. Thanks for reading and being a part of our family/friends! (I guess this really isn't too much of a nutshell huh?)

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Uncle Wally said...

What a great year! And you have great photos to prove it! You and Frank are doing a great job! Those kids are so lucky and so are you and Frank to have them! Good karma.