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Year End Family Post 2014 Part 2

There was just too much for one post( part 1), but this is it and I'm not even sharing everything I'd like too. I vow to post at least once a month to keep everyone up to date! In 2014 we really had a great time as family attending several blogger events. If you aren't signed up for my blog you should! I post about all those events there in a timely fashion. You can click HERE to sign up. Well, we started the year by attending Monster Jam and later Nuclear Cowboyz at the IZOD Center in NJ. The boys loved the shows and we were lucky enough to be invited to pre-show events and get to meet some of the performers.

We celebrated several special events. Owen's birthday in March both at home and at the rock climbing gym with his friends.

Noah turned 11 this year! He had an epic sleepover with 3 of his friends shot confetti cannons after a glorious barbarian sword fight! Then we had cake number 2 at Nonna's house!

Owen received his First Communion and we celebrated with family back at the house. He spent the night in his clothes and together with Noah made me a special Mother's Day breakfast in bed.

The kids were treated to several shows that I review at The New Victory Theater and a very special Transformers birthday party by Hasbro at the New York Children's Museum.

We've also seen some amazing sites this year and attended several homeschooling field trips. The boys have visited the Western Hemispheres largest indoor Buddha, toured the old stone houses on Huguenot street in New Paltz, stepped aboard replicas of Columbus's ships and completed a nature study at the Cary Institute in Millbrook.

While we continue to homeschool Noah he was still able to take part in the school science fair and come into Owen's classroom to read to his brother's class. Owen loves school and his friends and continues to do well. He's an A student with an amazing desire to learn. 

We've been taking Owen out of school this year to attend several of the homeschooling field trips. The boys attended an educational program at the 9/11 Museum. They had been to the site several times before because of Frank's job, but I don't think they truly understood the magnitude of what had happened there until this class. Owen was overwhelmed with emotion and we cut our visit to the museum short. 

Marvel was a big part of our year as well. The boys truly enjoyed seeing Marvel Universe Live at the IZOD, as well as attending a pre-show party. Then Frank and I attended a press event at The new Marvel exhibit at Discovery Times Square in NY. 

The boys and Frank had their first Staten Island Ferry ride to attended a Staten Island Yankees game! We had a great time. However the boys enjoyed their time at a Yankees vs Red Sox game more. It was Owen's first time at Yankee Stadium! 

We also took a NYC tour bus ride with The Holderness Family ( You know The Christmas Jammies folks!) to promote Legends of Oz. We had a great time singing and touring the city. Frank even won a prize for most vocal dad-LOL!

Frank and I celebrated 14 years of marriage together in 2014. It's been quite the ride! Frank also showed up one day with this 18 foot sailboat! It's only been out twice because he had gotten into a car accident ( everyone was fine) and then the engine seized on our new car! Then bam it was Winter. This was also a huge year for Frank as he changed jobs yet again and started his own business on the side. He's a busy man, but he's home more and things haven't been better. The commute although is a killer.

While I had to take a step back from my blog because of homeschooling we still got to do so many cool things. Plus I had a chance to interview Rob Lowe, attended an event with Sarah Hyland and do a press junket with Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson, Rebel Wilson, Shawn Levy, and Dan Stevens. Not too shabby for a stay at home mom and part time writer.

We finished up the Fall by attending a Penguins of Madagascar event at The Bronx Zoo, followed by a screening of the film and an overnight stay at the Residence Inn Central Park. We were treated so well and boy did I love waking up to that view! Uncle Wally even came and stayed with us because we had 2 rooms. 

Then by some weird twist of fate, I was contacted by Mastercard via Twitter and asked if my family and I would love to help light the trees at The New York Botanical Garden in the Bronx. We joined New York State Senator Jose M. Serrano and other local elected officials and their families to light the trees before the opening of the Train Show. It was a once in a lifetime experience. We have been very blessed this year. 

Thanks for being a part of our lives and we hope that 2015 brings you much joy! 

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Tracy Iglesias said...

Congrats on 14 years of marriage, wishing you both a lifetime of health and happiness! It's been a busy year for your family that's for sure!