Friday, February 6, 2015

The Barrett's in January

January has been a month of snowstorms, cold weather and even the flu. It's also been about trying new things. Noah has been learning to make sushi. He received a kit for the holidays and has been spending time with dad trying different types. (Mom is not a fan of sushi.)

The boys had their football awards dinner this month. We were so proud of our guys. They both received academic awards as well as their trophies for playing. Noah a medal for an average of 90 or higher and Owen a plague for an average of 96 and higher.

Grandpa Allen and Grandma Sharon came to the dinner. Grandpa won the football signed by Joe Namath and gave it to the boys! They were so excited. ( Then they had to go home and Google Joe Namath!)

The boys have been bus with 4H and doing community service. This time we've been collecting items to bring to the SPCA. We then had a chance to tour the facility and meet many animals waiting to find their forever homes. I'm lucky we didn't come home with another cat and a rabbit!

We've had snow. So much snow that we only have one snow day left. The boys have been a great help this year shoveling. I think it's because they just want to sleigh ride, but whatever gets them to it!

Our girls have been getting out into the cold a bit. Unfortunately, Frank and I have been treating some of them for a bit of frostbite on their combs. They are still laying and we are swimming in eggs!

First Noah was sick, then Owen was sick then Noah got the flu! We had tickets to Monster Jam in New Jersey for a blogger event, but I stayed home with Noah. Frank went with Grandpa Barrett and Owen. All had a good time! Then I had to write about it- LOL! 

Stay warm and have a Happy Valentines day!!!

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