Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The Barrett's This February'

It's been a long Winter hasn't it? Well, our hens are still laying, but not too thrilled with the snow. We had to treat a few of their crowns that had gotten frostbite, but they've all recovered now. 

They boys have been a huge help this year shoveling the driveway and the path to the chickens. They've gotten so big. I'm so proud that they love to help out around the house.

I think everyone has about had it with this weather! 

The boys have been practicing their sushi skills in the kitchen. They are planning a sushi bar for Easter! Too bad this mom doesn't like sushi!

These three guys made me a fantastic Valentines Dinner and Breakfast. Owen got a little bit crazy with his lime yogurt, BBQ sauce and beet sauce. ( Yes, even he couldn't eat it-LOL!) Noah made a yummy Thai Chili penne that was cooked to perfection! Frank scored with his bloomin onion appetizer! I made  frank a video. If you haven't seen it yet, here it is:

Noah and I went on a field trip to PetSmart with our homeschooling friends and came home with a few friends of our own. Please welcome the latest members of the Barrett family: 

Acorn and Sushi! Ritzy is taking sharing the attention like  man. He's not trying to eat them at all. They actually move so fast that they scare him! It's hysterical to watch.

For my valentines gift Frank whisked me away to the city for the night. We watched Wicked, had an amazing dinner and partied like we had no kids. It was a good time!

No photos during the show, but I got a pre-show pic! We loved it!

It was snowy and wet that night! Of course I had stylish boots on that were not waterproof.

Before we went home Frank took me to the Bryant Park Fountain. It has been a social media sensation due the ice. I had to see it. They were also filming a movie there and we were told by production to not look at the cameras and act natural. ( Which is hard to do when someone tells you that! I have no idea what was happening because I was afraid to look!)

Oh, One more touristy thing: We stopped by the M&M store and hopped into the photo booth. Now our date was complete!

The Parents as Reading Partners program started at Owen's school. Noah came in to read to Owen's class again this year. I love watching this dynamic. It's so amazing.

As Noah and I were leaving we saw that Owen had a piece of his artwork hanging in the school hallway. We smiled and enjoyed it. Dreaming of a sunny Spring. 

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