Wednesday, April 15, 2015

March with The Barrett"s

March always begins with Owen's birthday, but this morning Noah had a special presentation for his class. He did a project for culture day on the Dominican Republic. He used pictures and knowledge that he obtained during our trip last year. His presentation was awesome!

Owen's party was going to be over the weekend, but a snowstorm caused us to cancel it. That didn't stop the party from happening after-school on his actual birthday. Frank once again made swords and the battles began!

I can't believe he's 9! The last single digit he'll ever be! The boys all had a great time and I feel blessed to know that they have an amazing group of friends.

Soon afterwards the sickness set in......By the end of the week Owen and Frank were sick with the stomach bug. It was not a pretty site.

Noah and I took some time to create some amazing dishes. Then he got sick and I soon followed. Sigh......

Things started looking up for Owen when he had his braces taken off this month. He was just a big gummy bear and popcorn mess!

Noah's been learning about weaving.

He wanted to try some at home and we were lucky to have a friend lend us one of their looms and demonstrate for us. 

Noah unfortunately went back into braces this month to finish out his final phase of dental work. No gummy bears or popcorn for him!

Owen made friends with some mating turkeys on the farm where Noah has writing class.

Owen did his public presentation for 4H on Evolution. My little professor blew the judges away. Unfortunately, this mom blew it and left Noah's ingredients at home so we needed to reschedule his presentation. He took it much better than I did.

I whisked Frank away for another NYC date night. He thought he would woo me by taking me to a construction site. Not my idea of fun, but I did get some great shots!

I took Frank to a private screening The Longest Ride. We were guests of 20th Century Fox. Little did I know that we were also in the theater with Cosmopolitan's Fun and Fearless Females. Frank was one only a handful of men in the theater. LOL!

Nicholas Sparks and some of the cast of The Longest Ride surprised us after the film. It was a great night. Then we headed off to NJ to spend the night at the Villa Milani.

The next day I had my cast interviews and it was a blast. I was able to meet Nicholas Sparks, Scott Eastwood ( Clint Eastwood's son) and Britt Robertson. They were great.

I also had the honor of spending time with Alan Alda, Oona Chaplin ( Grandaughter of Charlie Chaplin) and director George Tillman, Jr. I love being able to take part in these interviews. I learn so much about what goes into making a film and what the actors are all about. It was a pleasure.

After the interview, I actually was able to ride a mechanical bull after being given instruction by Cord McCoy, professional bull rider and Amazing Race finalist! The best part was texting Frank and telling he had to wait for since I would be riding a mechanical bull in the Ritz Carlton Hotel!

Then finally Noah had his chance to shine doing his 4H presentation on How To Make Sushi. We were all so proud of him. He did a great job and can't wait to sharpen up his knife skills!

So, that was our March and April is turning out to be a good one so far.
Thanks for reading!

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