Tuesday, May 26, 2015

April Showers the Barrett's

The Barrett's hosted Easter this year and it was a blast! I think Frank and I overdid it with the food a bit, but it was so much fun. The kids helped out and Noah made some sushi. I don't think I've ever enjoyed a holiday more. I think almost everyone had a great time.

Owen is now an altar server and Nonna came to see him serve mass. She commented on how proud Nonno would have been to see this little guy at church.

Lacrosse season is in full force and the boys are loving it! I have to admit- I'm a big fan of this sport too! They will be taking a lacrosse camp this Summer.

Noah has been busy on the homeschool scene. We just had an amazing field trip to the Cary Institute and took part in a Mayfly count. They actually use the data that the kids collect! He loved it and wants to go back. 

We had a few hot days this April. Owen had a playdate and Frank work so Noah and I walked across the Mid-Hudson Bridge. We listen to Bridge Music, took photos and then had lunch on the other side of the bridge. It was a wonderful way to spend some time together. 

Frank and I got to have some playdates of our own when the kids have been out! 

Ritzy finally got shaved! The poor kitty was just a big matted ball of fluff. I know he looks mean, but he's loving his new look!

I was back in the city for a night of cocktails and crafts with Scotch and 3M Brand at the Glass Houses. My girlfriend and I had a great time and came home with a bag full of goodies! You can check out my post on the 2015 Post-It and Scotch Brands Collection Event and get all the fun details!

I really do love the fun adventures I'm able to take because of my blog!

But nothing is better than being able to be with these guys all the time!

Except when your husband digs up your backyard! LOL! Well,we finally got the drainage put in out back. Now we just need to landscape and toss a pool up! Any helpers out there? Anyone?

Thanks for reading! Being that I was so late posting April, look for May coming up soon! It was a good full month of fun!

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