Thursday, August 27, 2015

Just in! The July Wrap Up!

July started with a bang! My rib injury prevented me from having as much fun as I would have liked, but we still rocked our 4th! We spent the day out on the river and then anchored to watch the fireworks over the bridge.

I set up my tripod, but was limited by my injury. All in all I got some great pics. We also had the pleasure of seeing this amazing orange moon when we docked. We spent the night on the boat that night. I don't know if I could have done it without the painkillers. Frank made us a breakfast on board and we did a morning sail. It was beautiful. 

The following weekend was the Hudson Valley Balloon Launch and we were front and center to watch both Friday and Saturdays launches. We also got to take my mom out on our boat for the first time. 

The kids and Frank took a dip in the water while mom and I sipped some drinks! We had a great time and I'm happy that she was able to see the balloons with us. 

We celebrated Frank's b-day on the 13th and on the 14th we hit Broadway again to see On the Town! I was lucky enough to win us a pair of tickets. We had amazing seats and it was a fantastic show!

A few days later the boys and I returned to the city and we went to their favorite place- Central Park. Frank met us later and we attended a private screening of Ant Man. Paul Rudd was there to introduce his film. He was funny and the film was awesome! We love Marvel! 

The next few days I was a Blogger conference in NYC. I attended many events, got to meet up with some of my blogging buddies and even have lunch with Frank. Thankfully he drove me in so I could stash all my swag in the car throughout the day. The event was exhausting considering my injury. I am however glad I pushed through and made it. 

The following week the boys and I returned to the city again to preview some of UbiSoft's new video game releases. I sometimes wonder whether or not they realize that not every kid gets invited to a penthouse to play unreleased video games, served catered food and have several photos taken of them. I might not make a living blogging, but it does make living better. 

We also had a chance to give back this month. The boys got together with some other homeschoolers and prepared food to be served at a homeless shelter. I believe we made over 60 sandwiches plus pasta salad and other foods. This is something we plan on doing regularly. This particular place was closed for breakfast and lunch so this evening meal was probably some of these folks only meal of the day. We feel blessed to be able to help.

Poultry had been banned from the County Fair this year, but the boys participated in full force. This year they entered several static exhibits from stories, jewelry, posters and even our chicken eggs. I loved watching the boys take charge and talk to the judges. 4H has been a wonderful experience for us. 

Wrapping up the Fair, Owen won an award for Pocket Pets. He showed his guinea pig Acorn. Noah also showed his pig Sushi. While Noah still received a blue ribbon it was hard for him to watch his brother get an award. An award the he didn't even know he was getting, that was also part of some confusion on the judging and he walked away not really feeling as if he had won. We learned a lot of lessons this year at the Fair. The one thing that I am sure of is that it's about the experience not the award and our guys certainly learned that as well. 

I'll be posting August updates soon! School starts in a week or so!

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