Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Just Missed June!

As always, I'm running behind on my updates, but I know you love me anyway! You would think by now that I would have learned NOT to procrastinate. Anyway, The baby chicks have been growing into teenagers and recently (August) we found out that our little hen is actually a rooster! I'll keep you posted as to how this goes over with the neighbors!

We finished up Lacrosse in June. It was a good season for a new team. The boys really love it. We also tried to squeeze in several field trips before the year ended.

We made some new homeschooling friends this year and enjoyed a hike at Falling Waters Preserve. It was beautiful quiet and stunning.

We were lucky to come a across a cow that had just given birth. When I pulled out my camera she hid her newbie. (That dark spot in the grass in front of her.) I didn't think of bringing my zoom lens on this hike. 

The Polifemo's gave us their pool and the boys couldn't wait to help get it finally set up and filled. 

Owen's school year came to an end with field day. I love his positive attitude and energy!

Noah made this cool pouch at a class he attended over at Bowdoin Park with other homeschoolers. They also learned how to build shelters and make a fire.

We pulled Owen out of school again to attend this awesome trip to the Constitution Marsh and Audubon Center and Sanctuary for a stream study and bird count. 

The children collected all sorts of insects, fish, and even an eel from the stream!

They then had a chance to identify and learn more about the wildlife they caught.

By the time we got to the bird count section it was the afternoon and very hot. Although we did not get to see many birds we did get to view an eagles nest and a snapping turtle nest!

Frank surprised me with a new boat! I almost had a stroke when he told me he sold the other one. Thankfully this one is much larger and better for our family. It still needs a lot of work, but she's been fun. Welcome Miss Katie to the family.

We also got to hit Monster Jam at the Met Life Stadium this June. It was our first time actually being outdoors with the Monster Trucks. It was so cool, plus I ran into a high school friend of mine there. It really is a small world. 

Owen and our chicken Ginger had a fun day in NYC filming a pilot for a new talk show. We will keep posted as to if and when it will air. 

Owen slept for 5 hours after getting home from the shoot. He said it's very exhausting being in front of a camera, but he would love to do it again!

While Frank was with Owen in the city, I was at Noah's last day of school science fair. He did a presentation on quails! 

We really did begin to enjoy boat life! It's like being on vacation, but at home!

I was planning on doing an interior make over, but on June 28th I had an accident. I slipped and fell and fractured my ribs. I suffered multiple bruises and spent the month of July in various amounts of pain and discomfort. It's now August and I'm feeling on the mend and ready to get caught back up in life. I'll be hitting you with our July soon!

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