Thursday, November 19, 2015

October's Tricks and Treats

School has been going very well for the boys. Owen and his LongHouse project made it into the paper. They also have been going on many field trips. I wish that parents could go with them too. This month they both went to the Big Apple Circus. Noah went to see the play Anne Frank as well with his class. We are loving it!

We all spotted this double rainbow at the house and took it as a sign of blessing!

Frank and I also celebrated our 15 year wedding anniversary! We decided to go 100% cheesy and hit the Poconos for the weekend! Yes, that is a champagne glass hot tub!

We also had a heart shaped in room pool and sauna. I contacted the resort before went and told them I was a blogger and they gave us perks plus a discount!

You can read my review and see more pics HERE. The boys had a great time spending the weekend with Grandma Sharon and Grandpa Allen. 

I kept the boys home from school to head down to NYC for another blogger event. This time with Sarah Michelle Geller and her new company FoodStirs. 

She was great with all the kids. When the boys thanked her she replied calling them each by name. I said, "Wow, I can't believe you remembered their names! I'm impressed." She replied, "Oh, I always remember the cute ones!" You can read more about that event HERE.

We took our last sail this month before storing the boat for the Winter. We actually sailed across the river to pick Owen up at a birthday party. He commented, "This is how it must have been in the olden days when kids went to birthday parties."

We headed back to the city again. I had a screening and an interview with Lucy Liu (Coming soon as it's on hold from the studio!) and Frank took the boys to the Intrepid. 

I was able to walk around and take some photos while they finished at the Intrepid. I have no photos of them because there was an issue getting them off the boys camera and the husband didn't send me any! Sigh.

We had a few awesome Halloween events this October! The boys had a chance to bob for apples at a friends party for the first time! It was hysterical!

I got to spend time with some special ladies while Frank tended to the fire pit outside.

The boys got to tour the haunted woods twice before the night was over. A good time was had by all!

Then bam! The next day we had the school's Trunk or Treat party! This was a fantastic school event! Every family decorated their trunk and kids trick or treated in the parking lot.

They also had a DJ and the kids had an awesome time dancing. Owen is quite the dancer. He danced the entire time. You can view the video HERE ! 

I take this picture of our front yard every year because I just love it! I couldn't imagine not having these beautiful trees surrounding us.  (Although it is a huge mess of leaves to clean up!)

While Noah chose basketball to play at his new school Owen picked joining the band and playing the trumpet! He's still playing the guitar and says he will never quit! 

Family photo Halloween 2015! 

We ended the month with the boys doing their traditional candy sort at the end of the night! I think I'm just about caught up now! Hope you had a great October!

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