Friday, January 22, 2016

Jamaica Vacation 2015 (Happy Thanksgiving!)

Well, you already know that we decided to spend Thanksgiving this year in Jamaica! Our vacation plans failed over the Summer so we needed something now, something quick and relaxing! So off we went!

It took us an hour and half from the airport to arrival in Negril. We were greeted at check in with cocktails. Now, that's the life! We stayed at the RIU Palace Tropical Bay.

I forgot to mention to Frank that this place was painted pink! LOL! I think he quickly forgot about it when we hit the beach and got to enjoy the view.

Of course on our first day Owen got stung by a jellyfish! Then later so did I! FYI: vinegar takes the sting out! I never knew that fact.

Holding a vinegar compress to his sting, he was quite brave. He went right back in!

These guys loved this beach the best. They could swim all day in the crystal clear water with barely any waves. A lady gave them bread and they were able to feed fish right at their feet.

The boys also enjoyed a ton of Pina Coladas! They were spoiled by the on beach bar service.

We went wind sailing and took the paddle boats a few times while we were there.

Frank and Owen took the Kayaks out!

Noah got his hair braided and later so did Owen.

Just past the resort there was a strip of tents where vendors sold their goods. 

The boys loved going out to eat every night and trying the different types of cuisine available. 

This was our least favorite place - the Italian place! Although Noah did enjoy his Osso Buco!

This was our favorite place! 

The kids really got into the night life and made some new friends.

On Thanksgiving we ate at the Fusion restaurant. It was by far the fanciest place the boys had ever been too. We loved it!

Happy Thanksgiving!

This drink was called the Bob Marley! Everyday they had a cocktail of the day!

Owen was thrilled when they made a platter of vegetarian sushi just for him!

Sandcastles are awesome and so are some of the interesting folks we met along the way!

 The boys spent some time at the pool because their new friend had also been stung by a jellyfish and refused to go back into the ocean. I found them at the pool bar more than once-LOL!

 The resort was smaller than the one we went to in DR, but it was lovely. 

All these pictures and more are on my Facebook page! I just wanted to share a few here on my blog. We really had a great time and the people in Jamaica are so nice! 

Plus- my dress matches the decor!

My final thoughts about vacation: These boys are awesome travelers! They are easy going, friendly and ask so many questions. Their happiness is contagious. So, hang on folks so I can close out 2015 as we have a whole new year ahead of us! Next post coming real soon!

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