Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Showers on Us in April

We started the month off with the Basketball sports awards dinner. We had a wonderful evening after a season of ups and downs! 

After months of no snow we get a small storm that finally shut down the schools! Honestly, I missed the missed the snow this year. Some people loved the no snow season, and I say to them move!

The warmer weather started off our lacrosse season sooner! Here is Owen at number 2!

Noah is number 52 this year on the 5/6 team. They both love it so much and I have to admit, it's my favorite sport to watch. 

I love away games because we get to try different places to eat. I love the look on the waiters/waitresses faces when my kids eat healthy. Priceless. 

Our birds are truly enjoying the weather. Owen is dying to show our rooster Wasabi at the fair this year. Personally I think it's a bad idea, but you can't stop Owen.

Noah wants to show a chicken too, but can't pick which one would be the best for him. 

Not only did Owen have band today, but it was picture day. This is the fashionistas outfit.

Most of you following this blog are family so you already know that Owen filmed a plot for a new talk show this Fall! It's called Harry! Harry Connick Jr. is the host and Owen actually made it into the commercial! This is a quick screenshot of the commercial! The show airs in September! I''l keep you posted. Oh, and that's our chicken Ginger.

He loves those animals and they love him.

We ended the month with Noah being sick. The virus lasted a week. He's still playing catch up on schoolwork. 

Ritzy completely took advantage of the situation to snuggle.

This bird has been coming to our window every day and Ritzy has been enjoying the view. 

Owen really helped out with chores while his brother was sick. Although he does plan on charging him interest on cleaning the guinea pig cage twice!

I was able to escape the family for a bit and attend a henna party. If yo ever want to have one let me know! I have a great artist that will come to your home and host an event!

The boys love getting mail! They received these cool t-shirts from Uncle Wally. I wanted a pickled alien, but no luck!

We recently joined the Poughkeepsie Yacht Club and attended our first event. The boys had fun playing with this giant Jenga set!

We can't wait to get our boat here so we can enjoy this view all the time!

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